Emotion A.I. is here. Make the most out of it now.


The power to sense facial expressions and react with in-depth analysis is a tremendous tool.

There have been huge business requirements from Media & Advertising to Robotics for the ability to accurately understand other human beings through Artificial Intelligence.

We believe that emotion recognition A.I. will be the catalyst that allows companies to help their customers better.

Campaigns are built around understanding people. Those with the highest rates of success focus on human emotions. These campaigns move your heart and rely on that experience to build a lasting bond with customers.

Findings from a 2015 Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study of 100 ad campaigns across 25 brands revealed that those with emotional response generated a 23% increment in sales.

This shows that emotional campaigns are not only effective as an engagement vehicle, but also a true business driver.


With the power that emotional A.I. brings to the table, it is no surprise that the industry is projected to worth $23B by 2020, according to Markets and Markets.

According to KBV research, by 2020, the global emotion detection and recognition market will reach almost $30B, with the Asia-Pacific market seeing the fastest growth.