Bridge News: Opsis Singapore

Opsis develops ′′ emotion ai ′′ in real time with video to do emotional analysis from the expression of the face. In the corona misfortune, it is difficult to understand the feelings of students and patients from the teachers of the site, the teachers of the social worker, and the doctors of the site, while the use of the telecaster (Remote Education) and the tae-Remote Health (Remote Medical) is increasing. There are a lot. Emotion Ai helps objectively evaluate the opponent’s emotions even through the video.

It is said that it is the only one in the world as a company that is doing emotional analysis in the psychology circle model (Psychology Circumplex Model) using the camera footage of d. In General, in emotional analysis, emotion ai can detect the emotional patterns of the type of emotion patterns in emotion ai to use the two basic labels called surprising sadness, fear, neutral, anger, happiness. It is said that the difference between the expression that ethnicity and culture affects, and the subject is Asian and European can be accurately analyzed. Working with ntt and Fuji pass