Opsis is ready for OEM Partners for its Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition Technology after CloudExpoAsia wins

A feat that looked challenging 5 years ago and now seems all the more rewarding.

With the overwhelming response we received after attending the Big Data and AI World Exhibition – CloudExpoAsia, Opsis Emotion AI is delighted to announce that we will be entering the OEM market. A promising initiative 5 years in the making.

With this development, Opsis will be open to working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to produce multi-modal Emotional Recognition Systems or applications.

Opsis Emotion AI believes in mutual respect and trust between OEM partners. We believe in a fruitful relationship that brings knowledge, prosperity, and opportunities for both parties.

Making it much easier for our OEM partners to get started

Opsis is currently meeting with several OEM partners who share a similar vision to succeed in the Emotional Recognition Technology market.

As an OEM partner, Opsis Emotion AI offers reliable and easily integrated AI solutions that are being applied to multiple industries as we speak. Our off-the-shelf products are used by some of the most prominent organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Our multi-modal applications bring accuracy, and convenience to multiple business operations. When these applications are aligned with the programs of our OEM partners, Magic happens.

Here is what we hope to achieve from working with our partners.

A Road to Mutual Success

We will work together to create high-quality solutions that bring innovation to business operations. Creating custom products with a focused approach to cater to several industries including but not limited to healthcare, automotive, robotics, education, public security, human resource, banking and insurance.

API/SDK for Our OEM Partners to Use

Our OEM partners work very closely with our cutting-edge technology to create advanced Emotional Recognition applications. They use our API/SDK (which are highly adaptable to any kind of software and hardware) and integrate them with their products.

This positioning not only enhances the abilities of their applications but ours as well.

Compatibility of Our Emotional AI Solutions/ Harmonious with All Software and Hardware Devices

Our Emotional AI solutions are expertly developed with the help of innovative technological equipment. They are easily compatible with all the popular hardware devices like,

  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Mobile devices
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Security systems
  • Healthcare devices
  • Computing devices
  • CPU & GPU from all major manufacturers
  • Camera related devices
  • Voice recognition devices
  • Smart devices and wearables
  • Cloud applications

Our applications are even harmonious with all the popular OS including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, Windows Phone, etc.

Creating Emotional Recognition Technology Application to Improve Living

Opsis has always tried to make products that improve lives. We make sure that our Emotional Recognition Technology applications are tailored to help multiple industries.

And we are actively working on building applications that help with other sectors like education, banking, and customer experience analytics.

Relevant to the World of Artificial Intelligence

Recently we were a part of the Big Data and AI World Exhibition (CloudExpoAsia). An event known for its futurized vision when it comes to the latest technological advancements. We were grateful to meet many potential OEM partners who showed mutual interest in bringing our applications to a completely different audience.

2022 has been a year of growth and gratitude at Opsis Emotion AI. We feel enormously proud to share with you our accomplishments throughout the year.

Opsis Emotion AI was recognized by Agorize as one of the winners of the Big Data and AI World Innovation Zone.

Opsis Emotion AI was also invited to attend the Global Centre for Modern Ageing (GCMA) 2022 where we were named winner of 9th Asia Eldercare Innovation Awards. Opsis Emotion AI won in the categories of, Start Up Pitch Stadium and Innovation of The Year – Artificial Intelligence Technology! 

Opsis Emotion AI was also positioned in the Top 11 emerging TAcc+ (Taiwan Accelerator Plus) International Programs of 2022. Being the only startup to represent Singapore.

These accomplishments make us even more excited for whatever comes in 2023.

Where to go from here?

You can schedule a demo session with our experts to observe our Emotional Recognition Technology applications firsthand. To know more about our OEM partnership program, go to the Partners page of our website. We are excited and optimistic about working with you and wish to discover new opportunities and conquer multiple digital fields together.