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SenseCare - Counselling

Emotion recognition from the analysis of facial expressions helps healthcare professionals in the fields of geriatrics and paediatrics (developmental disorders) by detecting associated non-motor symptoms such as depression, anxiety, apathy, irritability and pain

Emotion analyses from facial expressions and speech play a key role in helping healthcare professionals to deal more effectively with depression and mental illness. It helps patients create awareness of their emotional states and regulate their emotions better under stressful or challenging situations. Pre/post metrics over a period of time helps track patient’s healing progress. When combined with remote monitoring, it allows for timely access, with a 24/7 watch on serious cases of serious depression.


Virtual counselling and coaching over digital channels are less intimidating and less expensive than in-person consultative processes that require the presence of psychologists or therapists. This is especially important due to the long duration of care needed to coach mental wellness. Embedding emotion recognition technology into existing tele-health platforms has created a more comprehensive and global approach to virtual care. It is transforming the healthcare experience.