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SenseCare - Health Prediction and Wellness

Occupational therapy with emotion analyses helps physicians, clinicians and social workers in patient's evaluation. The use of screening tool followed by specific symptom assessment strengthens the remedies for holistic management, novel therapies and therapeutic strategies.

Early pain and mental health detection in elderly people is important since many are unable to communicate pain and symptoms clearly. Emotion data can assist physicians and caregivers in improving their psychological assessments and designing more appropriate interventions such as cognitive therapy, exposure therapy, rehabilitation and wellness programs such as physical activity. With proper care, it helps to prevent behavioural and psychological deterioration, improve quality of life for the elderly.


For children with developmental disorders characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, emotion recognition can detect non-social cues such as depression, loneliness, and low self-esteem. This helps determine appropriate behavioural and speech therapies. Use of affect-laden stories and memories of personal emotional experiences may help psychiatrists and psychologists determine the cause of a developmental disorder.