Revolutionizing Virtual Communication: Our CEO Shares the Potential of Facial Expression Analysis Technology with Zoom Executives

Opsis Emotion AI CEO Andrew Ow sharing the potential of Emotion Recognition Technology with Zoom R&D team

Emotion Recognition Technology has the potential to be used in various ways on Zoom, including:

  1. Improving online teaching and learning: Emotion recognition technology can be used to monitor student engagement, attention, and understanding during online classes. Teachers can use this information to tailor their teaching styles to better meet the needs of their students.
  2. Enhancing online communication: Emotion recognition technology can help participants in Zoom meetings better understand each other’s emotions and reactions, leading to more productive and empathetic communication.
  3. Enhancing mental health support: Emotion recognition technology can be used in teletherapy sessions to help therapists better understand their patients’ emotions and provide more effective support.
  4. Predicting the effectiveness of sales pitches by analyzing the emotions and facial expressions of the person receiving the pitch. By detecting facial cues such as smiles, frowns, or nods, the technology can provide insight into the level of engagement and interest of the person being pitched to. This can help salespeople tailor their pitches and improve their chances of success.
  5. Improving customer service: Emotion recognition technology can be used in customer service interactions to better understand customers’ emotions and provide more personalized and empathetic support.

We’re thrilled to share that our CEO & Co-founder Andrew Ow was recently invited to present the cutting-edge Emotion Recognition technology to Zoom Singapore R&D team, hosted by A*STAR and organized by A*StartCentral on Zoom Innovation Day. The potential of Facial Expression Recognition Technology to revolutionize virtual communication, enhance online learning, improve customer service, and even predict sales pitch effectiveness is enormous. We are committed to exploring the potential benefits of Emotion Recognition technology while ensuring that privacy and ethical concerns are carefully considered and addressed. We would like to thank A*STAR and A*StartCentral for this incredible opportunity to share our vision with the Zoom R&D team.