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Platforms and Operating Systems

Our Emotion AI application runs on popular mobile platforms including Android, iOS, HarmonyOS and Windows Phone OS. Any device with camera like smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, smart watches, home monitor devices can be emotional enabled.


Our SDK is in one installable package on Windows or Linus. It can support and create applications with 3rd party framework. Our API libraries offer functions to interface with other programming languages, tools and embedded systems for our partner's development environment.

The emotion recognition is processed on the Edge devices that require less than 1 GHz. This means that it is so light-weight that any IoT, Sensors, Actuators, Surveillance cameras, PCB Board cameras, Raspberry Pi and wearable optical devices can capitalise the emotion analytics.


Low computation cost and minimal bandwidth with savings on Virtual Machines, Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud . Enable any platform providers like CRMs, Automated marketing or Apps services like SaaS and PaaS providers to analyse EQ with emotion insights.