Your Life is in Danger Behind the Wheel

Every first week of November, the National Sleep Foundation hosts Drowsy Driving Prevention Week to spread awareness regarding the dangers of drowsy driving.

How Dangerous is Drowsy Driving

You don’t know it until you end up among the 328,000 people who get seriously injured due to drowsy driving every single year. Sadly, this number grows exponentially without having or installing the necessary application to prevent drowsy driving.

How Drowsiness Affects our Driving Capability

Driver safety is an important subject to study and analyze. Not only this endangers the drivers themselves but the people around them, whether they are on foot or enjoying breakfast at an open restaurant.

The effect of drowsiness can often be fatal. It can,

  • Reduce your response rates to the minimum. Disabling you to make sharp decisions while driving.
  • Increase the chance of you having an accident by 3 times as micro-sleep (unwanted naps) can come at any stage.

Even when you are awake, drowsiness is still menacing. Drowsy driving has been linked with drunk driving making it all the more dangerous.

How Emotion Recognition AI Technology can Detect and Prevent Drowsy Accidents

Technological advancements in the automotive industry have certainly changed the way we feel about our cars. There is a massive change in how it’s driven and makes us feel, but it can be argued that there isn’t much progress when it comes to modern safety measures in our vehicles.

Emotion Recognition technology (ERT) is a strong technological candidate. What this A.I. juggernaut does is analyze the driver through the eyes of a camera installed in your vehicle. ERT examines your expression and searches for trigger warnings that could lead to serious damage.

All your emotions captured by the camera are processed in real-time with the help of a library that contains thousands of defined emotions.

If ERT A.I. software believes something is wrong, it triggers an alert informing the driver to take action.

A Library of EMOTIONS

Such a fascinating development, Emotion Recognition technology (ERT) software ensures that it does not need an Internet connection to operate. All the emotions that it needs to process are available in the library installed in your car.

The library not only contains data for the most common types of emotions such as happy, sad, surprised, angry, afraid, and disgusted but the rare ones as well. In this case, tired, sleepy, rageful, etc.

Other initiatives that can help reduce drowsy driving

We all have a part to play in eliminating drowsiness in our surroundings. Beside cutting-edge technologies keeping us alert, universities, offices, and parents need to aim toward keeping students, employees, and children on the right track.

Spread the importance of getting more sleep and being healthy.

Some of the most prominent and valuable tips that experts suggest to drowsy drivers are the following,

Be sure to schedule your long trip

It is wise to always have a plan. With longer driving trips, you can introduce stops to your route. Getting a 15-minute break after every 2 hours helps immensely.

Have caffeinated beverages in the store

Beverages keep you active and focused. Within each break or before the start of your trip, you can take a caffeinated beverage to remove driver fatigue.


Drowsiness can affect anyone at any given moment. So, we have to make sure that we are aware of the damages it can cause, and Emotion Recognition A.I. software helps us achieve that. 

To get through a drowsy phase and find focus in your driving, it is best to apply our advised practices. Remember to always take the necessary precautions while driving and get an Emotion Recognition A.I. Software system installed on your vehicle. Today, ERT software is being installed in newer vehicles along with advanced dash-cams. We can hope that this is a welcomed change and a beneficial precaution against drowsy driving.

With this year’s annual Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, get yourself enlightened with many downfalls of drowsy driving and some knowledgeable practices to prevent it from happening to you and your loved ones.

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